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Kiva: Chocolate Bars
Project Description
Boasting six delicious flavors, and two potency levels, Kiva Bars are one of the widely recognized
cannabis chocolates on the market. Only the purest, natural ingredients go into each indulgent bar. The
dark chocolate boasts 54% cacao, while the milk chocolate has 34% blended in. The artisan flavors
take the front seat in these bars without any strong flavor of cannabis. The only hard thing about using
these candy bars is deciding on a flavor. The original milk chocolate bar really lets you savor the
velvety texture and creamy finish of the chocolate. Vanilla chai is a blend made in heaven, with the
right amount of vanilla melding with the not too heavy chai spices. The zesty thrill of Tangerine on the
taste buds is balanced perfectly with the deep, rich dark chocolate it’s infused with. Try them all and
see which tantalized taste becomes your favorite.
Project Details
• ProducerKiva Confections
• Concentration Levels60 & 180 mg.
• FlavorsVanilla Chai Milk Chocolate, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, Mint Irish Cream Milk
Chocolate, Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.
• Size1.7 oz.

Kiva 180 Vinella Milk Chocolate


Kiva 60 Milk Chocolate


Kiva 180 Tangerine Dark Chocolate


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